Rental Redefined

Finding the perfect home is only the beginning. We are committed to providing solutions for the entire rental process.


Keeping a rental home in good condition is not a one person job. A well maintained property relies on both landlords and tenants to do their part. Our intuitive ticketing system guides tenants on how to report issues with all the details required for a quick and easy resolution. Equipped with all the pertinent details up front, landlords can easily asses and request for a maintenance vendor, all without leaving the platform. Reducing the back-and-forth of a typical service request saves both time and stress, keeping everyone happy.


Communication is key in any relationship. REBCA’s messaging portal allows tenants and landlords to centralize all communications in one easy to find place. Supported by our active notification system, you will never miss important messages about your tenancy. This feature’s real-time message status updates also promotes clarity and transparency for everyone in the conversation.


As a landlord stay on top of your rental finances. Keep track of rent coming in and all property maintenance costs and see how your investment is doing. Ditch the stress of uncertainty and always be in the know when it comes to expenses.

rebca financials


Never be in the dark when it comes to what to do next or your rights as a tenant or landlord. We have done all the leg work for you. Remove the uncertainty and always be on the same page. Knowing what to expect keeps everyone accountable and transparent. 


See everything you need to see in one place. Stay on top of things that need your attention on your dedicated rental dashboard.

Document management

Skip the unorganized clutter and store all your rental documents on the platform and never lose track of them again.

Lease e-signing

E-signing makes the completion of the lease agreement process simple and easy.

Active Notifications

Always know when there is something that needs your attention with active notifications.

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