Who we are

REBCA is a Proptech startup that consists of a team of dedicated and passionate individuals creating innovative solutions for the real estate industry. We strive to ensure that our product not only effectively facilitates the home buying process but also nurtures and improves the relationships between all those involved. By sharing relevant real estate data, we endeavor to promote transparency and trust.

Meet the team

Phil Chou

Co-Founder / Director

Sam Lui

Co-Founder / CEO

Joseph Lui

Co-Founder / CTO

Aliya Bachir

Project Manager

Amaan Mawji

Software Engineer

Bruna Neto

Project Assistant

Raj Thindal

Co-founder / VP of Growth & Sales

Crystal Gao

Financial Controller

David Ko

Software Developer

Edgardo Cuello

Software Developer

Farhad Faghihi

Data Scientist

Grace Hoyek

Marketing Assistant

Johnny Lay

Frontend Developer

Kevin Schwartzentruber

Data Engineer

Sylvester Canasa

Marketing Manager

Wahid Kadwaikar

Senior Software Engineer

Join our team!

We’re looking for talented people that can handle their hot sauce and a continuous stream of dad jokes. 

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